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Terramera has given me the opportunity to work collaboratively across so many different disciplines and helped me understand the practical applications of my degree and what the future of sustainable agriculture can look like.

Katherine – Research Biologist Co-op

My experience at Terramera was inspiring, exciting and challenging. I learnt the incredible value in listening and asking questions, especially when working in uncomfortable or unfamiliar areas.

Haley – Student Consultant, Business Development and Market Research

I helped Terramera’s machine learning engineers build a valuable hyperspectral imaging box for monitoring crop growth and detecting early plant pathogen symptoms on crops. It was my first time developing an applied imaging machine and it was an impressive experience.

Meng - Mitacs Post-doc Fellow, Plant Pathology

The most valuable thing that you can do is to learn as much as you can, and if you take initiative and be flexible, Terramera is a great place for you to explore different avenues.

Justin – Biology Co-op  

My experience at Terramera was educational, challenging and fun!  I was given the freedom to problem-solve which did more for my development as a scientist (and as a person) than any other job I’ve had.

Kai – Research Assistant Co-op in In Vitro Fungicide Screening

I used to eat bagels with cream cheese and cucumbers for lunch every single day at Terramera. One day, my coworkers walked into the lunchroom without looking at me and put down their own bags of bagels, spreads, and vegetables and started preparing their own bagels. It was a memorable prank!

Cherri – Research Assistant Co-op in Plant Pathology  

At Terramera, I learned that ‘fun’ not only makes work more enjoyable, but more sustainable. The importance of job sustainability through work-life balance and enjoyment has become essential to my career goals.

Michael – Biology Co-op  

My favourite memory at Terramera was going snowshoeing with the team for one of the monthly social events. Everyone was bonding and having a good time—the team knows how to have fun!

Jacky – Software Engineer Co-op

I loved my experience at Terramera! I learnt that teamwork and collaboration is more important than the ability to write fancy and complex code.

Patrick – Full Stack Engineer Co-op  

I was involved in the plant imaging project where I had a chance to watch the development of a custom casing for the imaging equipment, created in house using 3D printing.

Sally – Engineering Co-op  

There are a lot of ways to solve most problems, the challenge is usually not finding a solution but finding the best one for the task at hand.

Igor – Robotics Engineer Co-op

It is fascinating to learn about people’s ideas coming from different perspectives and backgrounds. It helps to solve problems faster and you will always learn something new from your team in the process.

Hoda – Machine Learning Co-op


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