May 18, 2018

8 Amazing Benefits of Neem

At Terramera we’re all about Neem, the luscious evergreen tree native to India and active ingredient in all of our revolutionary plant-based formulations! In celebration of National Love a Tree Day this week, we’re sharing our 8 favourite benefits of Neem:

  1. Controls Pests: Neem repels pests like aphids, whiteflies, mites, and nematodes, stopping them from causing damage to your garden

  2. Fertilizes: It makes an excellent fertilizer for gardening or large-scale farming, enriching the soil and providing vital nutrients

  3. Increases Yields: Use Neem to strengthen plant roots, allowing them to grow deep and strong and produce more harvest!

  4. Clears Skin: It’s antibacterial properties eliminate bacteria, hydrate pores, and minimize scaring for conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema

  5. Nourishes Hair: Neem hydrates the scalp and strengthens hair follicles making it a great defense against dandruff or for regular hair care!

  6. Improves Teeth: By removing bacteria around the gum line, Neem aids dental hygiene and freshens breath!

  7. Safe to Use: It’s non-toxic, making it safe to use in homes with children and pets

  8. Best of all: It’s 100% natural!

Neem has been used as a natural remedy in traditional cultures for thousands of years due to its power and versatility. At Terramera, our mission is to use technology to unlock the power in nature, so we can live healthier, make clean food affordable and feed the world and Neem helps make that possible! We’re big fans and considering its range of amazing benefits, who wouldn’t be!

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