July 20, 2018

Meet the Team: Ameera Ahmad

Meet Ameera Ahmad – Manager of Strategic Initiatives at Terramera, fan of all things food, and world traveler. Ameera was born in Pakistan, attended university in London, then moved to Calgary, back to London, and then Toronto before finally settling in Vancouver.

She is a lawyer by training but was looking for a new way to apply her skillset when she was referred to Terramera by a friend. “It was a complete fluke,” she says. “I had no idea what I was doing so I felt like I had nothing to lose, and I got the job!” Now, Ameera is an integral part of our Strategic Initiatives team, finding and securing government grant and partnership opportunities that help Terramera continue to grow and develop.

She describes herself as “The non-science eyes that look over each document..."

She describes herself as “the non-science eyes that look over each document,” editing and reviewing applications to ensure they have the proper scope, are well explained, and the right fit for Terramera. The role makes good use of her attention to detail but her favourite part is building relationships across the company and with government program officers and managers. “I’ve gotten to know so many different people and have a much broader outlook of the industry now!”

Ameera and the team have secured Terramera partnerships with Mitacs Canada, SFU, UBC, and within Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, building our resources and enabling us to continue creating game-changing products and technology. “Our end goal is to create products,” Ameera says. “If we can get our products into the market, we are one step closer to having more sustainable options for farmers, growers and consumers.” She is now moving into the regulatory side of things to further apply her legal background and take on a new challenge!

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