March 23, 2018

Meet the Team: Gavin Schneider

Meet Gavin Schneider, poet, skier, and serious plant enthusiast. As Terramera’s Greenhouse Manager, Gavin plays an integral role in growing the plants necessary to test and improve our solutions through phenotyping technology. He comes by the role honestly, being born and raised on a grain farm in Alberta.

“I grew up in the prairies where my family still farms. I never thought I’d end up working in agriculture to be honest,” he says. “I almost had no choice! I’ve worked with plants for a long time and now I don’t think I could do anything else.” Apparently, if you have the flexible skills of a farmer, opportunities will present themselves around the world.

Gavin was working in South-East Asia when he was offered the position at Terramera. It’s now nine months later and he hasn’t looked back. The Greenhouse is fully automated, enabling it to make discoveries that could impact the future of agriculture. “I was really sold on the ideas and the vision. If it was just managing a greenhouse without a bigger vision it wouldn’t have been very enticing, but there is purpose to what we’re trying to do here.”

His favourite part of the job is working with a diverse group of people who are equally as passionate about this purpose and believe no question is too big. Together they are proving Terramera’s concept and working towards the big vision through small actions. “At the Greenhouse you solve one problem, then the next. It all starts and ends with the plants.”

His goal is to have a viable product ready for the market in five years that has an impact on large scale farming, and on a more personal note, that he can bring back home. “I could bring it to my family’s farm and say ‘Look we developed this product here. This is a better alternative and something that you can swap out easily into your crop rotation that is a healthier solution.’ If we can be on the path to doing that in five years, then we have accomplished our job.”

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