July 6, 2018

Meet the Team: Joseph Shin

Meet Joseph Shin- sports nut, foodie, all-around athlete, and People Operations Manager at Terramera. Joe can recall every chef who has had their own TV show, every NBA statistic from this decade, and every team member’s name at Terramera! He builds the Terramera team by recruiting the best talent from around the world.

He’s uniquely equipped to do so, as his first office job was at an immigration firm one year into his undergrad. From there, he landed a human resources role at a research-focused non-profit. “I was always curious about this line of work and had no insight into what it involved so I just took a shot at it!” he says. It was a small enough company that he was able to experience all facets of HR and was quickly hooked.

"People here are burning with passion and love what they’re doing- while making a difference!” 

Since joining Terramera, Joe has brought more than 70 teammates on board, building a rich environment of people from all backgrounds and locations. “I look for people who fit our culture and have a strong desire to be a part of this journey and what we’re trying to do,” he explains. But his role doesn’t stop there, he also works to develop each team member professionally, “We make sure there is enough structure, guidance and mentorship to set them up for success and ensure they can have the best employment experience possible.”

His favourite part is having a personal relationship with each teammate, “I learn something new from every person I interact with. People here are burning with passion and love what they’re doing- while making a difference!” He is equipping Terramera with the best people possible to accomplish our big goals, but insists that he can’t take credit, “It’s the team, it’s the company’s vision, it’s what we do here that really attracts people.”

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