June 8, 2018

Meet the Team: Nate Woodbury

Meet Nate Woodbury- Entomologist at Terramera, father of two, and dedicated bug aficionado. Nate knows more about bugs than most of us would ever care to and uses this knowledge to combat common pest problems in unique and insightful ways.

He’s been with Terramera for six years and in the bug game even longer. He says his passion began during his undergraduate, “I had this entomology professor whose teaching style was just amazing. He really made insects so interesting. The types of things you can test and find out using insects was kind of the thing that got me.” He went on to do a master’s in pest management and a PhD in entomology and microbiology.

Now, he spends his days ideating products for Terramera as part of our Consumer Solutions team. He starts by identifying a problem, imagining how it might be solved, and then validating his theory through extensive testing. There are millions of ways to repel pests, but Nate is determined to find the most cost effective and efficient. “We try to think outside of the box and beyond just sprays,” he says.

His favorite part of his role is making ideas come to life, “Even if your idea fails, it teaches you a ton and leads you to the next solution.” And the products that him and his team develop are providing solutions to some of the most difficult pest problems people face. “Being able to get rid of a really acute problem, that’s what motivates me. We’re really just trying to help people!”

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