March 9, 2018

Meet the Team: Neha Gadhari, International Women's Day

Meet Neha Gadhari, avid mountaineer, snowboarder, and Research Associate at Terramera! She works at our Olympic Village Laboratory identifying natural chemical candidates for our fungicide formulations through extensive screening. She’s been excelling in this role since 2016, although her background is actually in biomedical science.

“Instead of working with human cells, I had to transfer that knowledge to fungal cells. I thought it sounded challenging and took the opportunity!” She’s definitely not one to shy away from a challenge. Currently, she’s balancing her time between four different patents and says her favorite part of the job is doubling up assays. “It’s like a puzzle that you have to solve. As you try, you come upon different obstacles and have to think around them.”

In her previous work in the biomedical field, she was often the only female, but now she finds herself surrounded by other women. And she’s helping to train the next generation with two female co-op students, Winnie and Elizabeth. “Most of the co-op students this time are women. They keep the environment very lively,” she says.

She is Pressing for Progress in the STEM field and in her vision for Terramera. “I want to get rid of the use of synthetic chemicals in the next ten years,” she states. “We’re working a lot on natural chemicals and that would be a dream come true for us.”

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