October 5, 2018

Meet the Team: Robotics Engineers

Meet Terramera’s Robotics duo – Zach Morris, improv enthusiast and book worm, and Naghmeh Garmsiri, renowned dinner party hostess. They’re the small but mighty team behind Terramera’s automation efforts, from initial research and development to final product. They spend their days working with suppliers, sourcing materials, designing parts, and manufacturing tools for our team.

They’re a complimentary pair, with Naghmeh focusing on the mechanical side and Zach preferring the electrical, however their path to robotics was quite different. Zach fell in love early in his Engineering Physics degree. “During the summer of my second year at university, you have to build an autonomous robot from scratch. It was such a fun experience and really gratifying to be like ‘I made this thing and it actually works!’ ” Zach says.

Naghmeh, on the other hand, was working as a PLC programmer and recognized a gap in her knowledge of mechanical systems and decided to fill it, moving from control to mechatronics without looking back. “I wanted to have that insight and not always have to ask someone else for information. And of course, I liked the robotics!”

“I like the passion at Terramera but also that the mission aligns with my values”

Their paths merged at Terramera where they are now working to set up automated growing areas equipped with advanced imaging systems that will expedite our scientific research, increasing accuracy and consistency so we can achieve our big picture goals, an important aspect for them both. “I like the passion everyone has at Terramera but also that the mission aligns with my values,” Naghmeh says. Zach adds, “We’re working towards a noble goal here - making the world a more sustainable place.”

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