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February 28, 2019

Terramera Acquires Stem Shock™ Plant RNAi Technology


VANCOUVER, BC – February 28, 2019 – Terramera, a leader in Technology for Clean Food, announced it successfully acquired Stem Shock™, a promising platform technology from Cotyledon Consulting Inc. (CCI), for developing natural RNA-based precision herbicides that target damaging weed species. Stem Shock™ programs RNA herbicidal active ingredients to selectively target and kill specific weeds without harming surrounding crops or the environment.

“This acquisition opens new, exciting market opportunities for Terramera. Stem Shock™ RNAi active technology paired with Terramera’s proprietary Actigate™ Targeted Performance technology allows us to accurately target weeds at a metabolic level without any harsh chemicals – an exciting advancement,” said Terramera Founder and CEO, Karn Manhas. “This acquisition will support Terramera’s ongoing innovation and vision of creating a world with affordable, clean food for everyone.”

The acquisition includes the Stem Shock™ RNAi active technology and intellectual property, 3 US patents, the rights to the Stem Shock™ name, and CCI’s Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Layne Woodfin who joined Terramera full-time as a Molecular Biologist. Mr. Woodfin will be welcomed on board as part of Terramera’s Plant Delivery and Plant Health experimental group, and his Co-Founder, Chris Tuttle, will work with Terramera in a consulting capacity to help the company integrate and build on this innovative technology.

“Chris and I are very excited to begin a new chapter working on Stem Shock™ at Terramera,”said Layne. “Karn has created a fantastic company with some of the world’s leading talent focused on innovating how we can grow more clean food for everyone, and a vision that we precisely align with. We are looking forward to unlocking the potential of RNAi using Actigate™ and developing novel technologies to enable cleaner, healthier food across the agriculture space.”

About Terramera®

Terramera is a global leader in Technology for Clean Food with a mission to increase global yields while decreasing synthetic chemical loads, so we can grow affordable, clean food for everyone. We are committed to cultivating safe, healthy homes and environments, and developing highly effective natural products for consumers and farmers. Terramera uses technology to unlock the power in nature, so we can live healthier, make clean food affordable and feed the world.

About Stem Shock™

Stem Shock™ is a plant RNAi platform technology for RNA-based precision herbicides, each designed to selectively remove one or more weed species without harming crops or the environment. Each Stem Shock™ 'active' component is an RNA payload programmed to kill one or more specific weeds. Stem Shock™ offers a solution for controlling a range of weed species including those resistant to traditional herbicides.

Media Contact:

Jessica Wolford

VP, Communications | Terramera


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