June 29, 2018

The Economic Potential of Canada's Agriculture and Food Sector

In 2016, the Government of Canada established an Advisory Council on Economic Growth to recommend actions that will promote growth in the Canadian Economy and inform future actions and policy. The council, chaired by Dominic Barton, believes that Canada has the tools to ride the next wave of global change, and even help lead it.

The second of three reports released by the council focuses on unleashing Canada’s economic potential in key sectors and recognizes the agriculture and food sector as a prime example and ideal starting point. As the report explains, Canada’s agriculture and food sector lends itself to rapid growth and innovation for many reasons:

  • Great endowment of natural resources such as freshwater and arable land
  • Reliable access to necessary materials such as fertilizer, feed, and seed
  • Large coastlines well suited for aquaculture
  • Distinctive record of research accomplishments in the sector as well as an exceptional base of companies and entrepreneurs
  • Healthy network of research and discovery facilities at universities across the country
  • One of the lowest use of pesticides per hectare in the world
  • Current agricultural outputs far exceed national need
  • Fair and reputable industry labour conditions
  • Any obstacles to growth can be easily addressed through policy levers

At Terramera, we recognize food and agriculture’s ability to not only benefit Canada, but the world and our mission is to unlock this potential. We are excited by the council’s recommendation and to continue contributing to innovation that we believe will make Canada’s agriculture and food sector world-renowned.

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