April 21, 2018

World Creativity and Innovation Day: 5 Ways to Get Creative

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day that encourages people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too. Terramera was founded on a creative idea that was embraced despite being unconventional and harnessed to benefit our world. We continue to build off that idea and way of thinking by constantly innovating and thinking outside the box. We asked our Terramera team members what they do to get their creative juices flowing and reach their most optimal state for creativity and have compiled the 5 most popular answers.

1. Visit a Favourite Blog or Board

Inspiration can be found in many places, including a blog, Pinterest board, Youtube channel, or discussion platform. Surf your favourite sites to see what ideas stir up.

“I search Pinterest and Behance for visual inspiration,” says Camille Clores, our Graphic Design Intern.

2. Take a Mindfulness Moment

Clearing your head allows your subconscious thoughts to float to the front and is often where creativity stems from. Find a calm and pleasant place and take a moment to quiet your mind.

“I take a few minutes to look out across the water from our kitchen window,” says Sam Phillips, our Engineering Co-op Student.

3. Draw a Mind-Map

Your head can get cluttered and send you in circles. Get everything out of your mind and onto paper by drawing a mind-map.

“I use a ton of Post-its on a big wall or window. Hidden opportunities always arise just by getting it all out of my head and seeing it,” says Cordell Jacks, Director of Global Marketing Development.

4. Step Outside for Fresh Air

The best inspiration can come from nature. Take a walk or step outside for some fresh air and perspective.

“I take a break outside to reset and refocus,” says Kayla Williams, our Events Coordinator.

5. Listen to Music

Sound can help get your mind on the right wavelength. Turn on a favourite beat to kick your brain into creative mode.

“I open Spotify or Youtube and play something with a good rhythm,” says Francisco Romero, Agriculture Brand and Marketing Manager.

Creative inspiration can come in any form and a flash of creative thought can change the world. Next time you need to get your creative juices flowing, use one of these tried and true tactics from the Terramera Team.

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