April 6, 2018

World Health Day: What It Means to Terramera

Saturday, April 7th is World Health Day, an annual celebration of global health awareness. Terramera is striving to improve our world’s health through our agricultural innovation, vision for sustainability, and plant-based product line with the overarching goal of positively impacting one billion people’s lives in terms of health, wealth and nutrition standards. We asked several Terramera team members what this big, hairy, audacious goal means to them and how they envision it being accomplished.

Cordell Jacks, Director of Global Market Development:

“I see us positively impacting one billion people’s lives through the wide-spread introduction of our products to farmers globally.  I believe that as we come into a time when both producers and consumers are wanting to live and consume in a more sustainable way, our products will be sought after as ‘clean food’ becomes the demanded norm around the world.”

Mario Escalante, Receptionist:

“To me, positively impacting one billion people’s lives in health, wealth, and nutrition comes through keeping food honest. It’s important to know what types of pesticides were used, how a product qualifies as organic, etc.”

Naseem Hammoud, Engineering Intern:

“Positively impacting one billion lives to me means enabling people to live longer and healthier while repairing some of the damage we have caused to our environment to protect our future.”

Andrea Ho, Web Design Intern:

“Farmers are exposed to a mix of so many toxic chemicals. For me, impacting one billion lives includes improving the quality of farmers lives by using plant-based alternatives to pesticides to grow sustainable and clean food.”

Camille Clores, Graphic Design Intern:

“Agriculture is a primary source for living well. Providing access to clean food helps people feel healthier and be more active both physically and cognitively, positively impacting one billion lives.”

James Highfield, Greenhouse Technician:

“To me, positively impacting one billion lives is a great goal because its huge scale demands more than just improvements to our existing agricultural industry, but reimagining how we approach it from the ground up. I believe we can use technology to assist new methods of farming to make healthy food affordable, local, and abundant worldwide whilst keeping it profitable for farmers.”

Ashley Xu, Research Associate:

“Impacting one billion lives to me means providing more affordable and effective eco-friendly products to farmers, thus reducing the use of chemicals and minimizing any potential chemical contaminations to local water and soil. “

Shannon Pyke, Biology Research Assistant:

“For me, positively impacting one billion lives comes through being a steward for bees, nature’s pollinators, helping to ensure that there is a safer way to protect bees from Varroa mites and allowing the bees to continue their vital contribution to the ecosystem.”

Jonatan Montpetit, Plant Physiologist:

“Everyone deserves equal access to the highest possible level of health. From the farmers who apply pesticides, to the people who consume the produce. No one should have their health negatively affected by the products used in agriculture, that’s how we will positively impact one billion lives.”

At Terramera, we’re working towards a bigger picture! Agriculture gives us the food we eat but it also impacts our environment, economy, and well-being and is how Terramera is contributing to our world’s health!

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