All You Need in One Jug

Fungicide - Insecticide - Miticide

All You Need in One Jug

RANGO is a plant-derived biopesticide that can be used in both organic and conventional operations to control insects, mites, and diseases. This robust formulation contains over 150 bio-actives, including azadirachtin. The cold-pressed process retains the active compounds' purity, resulting in effective insect, mite, and disease management. RANGO is approved for use on a variety of crops, including vegetables, berries, tree fruits, and tree nuts. Further information can be found on the label
  • 70% Cold Pressed Neem Oil.
  • 30% Inert Ingredients.
  • Emulsifiable Concentrate.
Technical Information:
  • 4 - hour REI.
  • 0-Day PHI.
  • FRAC Group. "NC" - No know resistance.
  • Exempted from tolerances.
  • EPA Registered and OMRI approved.
  • Formulated in USA.
  • No signal word.
Registered Crops:
  • Bulb Vegetable Crops
  • Cucurbit Crops
  • Fruiting Vegetable Crops
  • Leafy & Cole Crops
  • Root & Tuber Crops
  • Small Fruit & Berry Crops
  • Pome & Stone Fruit Crops
  • Citrus & Tropical Fruit
  • Tree Nuts
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Hemp
Registered in all US States.

Cold Pressed Is Best

Over 150 biologically active compounds known as limonoids
RANGO is formulated with Cold-Pressed Neem Oil, naturally sourced from the neem kernel, resulting in a high purity & quality oil containing a broad spectrum of  bioactives for management of both insects and diseases. The cold press process preserves the integrity of the active ingredients that are susceptible to heat.
Other neem-based products currently available in the market are formulated utilizing a chemically based extraction process which results in a limited load of bioactive compounds, reducing their activity spectrum. Additionally, Azadirachtin-based neem products are labeled for insecticide use only.
  • At least 9 limonoids are highly active, they include
  • Azadirachtin, salannin, meliantriol, nimbin, nimbidin, nimbinin, nimbolides and fatty acids (oleic, stearic, palmitic)
  • Azadirachtin, Salannin & Meliantriol play a key role in insect management
  • Repel and disrupt insect growth & reproduction
  • Potent feeding deterrents & growth regulators
  • Repel & reduce the feeding of many insect species including nematodes
  • Azadirachtin can break the metamorphosis life cycle of an insect. The insect will not molt.
  • Systemic Activity – varies by plant & insect species and formulation
  • Only xylem available to deeper feeding insects such as hoppers
  • Nimbin, Nimbidin and other limonoid activities have fungicidal and antiviral activity

Best-In Class Formulation

Premium Formulation = Superior Emulsion
RANGO contains a premium formulation of high-quality cold-pressed neem oil loaded into a proprietary inert chassis, resulting in superior emulsion and in-tank stability. It has a proven ability to instantly go into suspension and stay in suspension with minimum agitation for more than 24+ hours. The results is better handling for growers and better coverage and better performance in the field. RANGO is formulated in the United States.
Improved Performance.
  • Premium Formulation = Increased Coverage = Excellent Efficacy
Superior Stability.
  • Stays in suspension for 24+ Hours
Formulated in the USA .

All You need In One Jug

Fungicide - Insecticide - Miticide
Fight pests through multiple modes of action with a complex active ingredient that makes it effective on all stages of insects. RANGO manages sucking and chewing insects on contact or by ingestion, and unlike other Azadirachtin-based products, it possesses fungicidal properties to manage key diseases through the inhibition of mycelial growth. RANGO has no known resistance, making it an ideal tank-mix/or rotation partner for your IPM program and adding another tool in your arsenal for managing insects and diseases.

The capacity to have multiple modes of action (MoA) is provided by the cold press extraction procedure, which maintains the integrity of these actives.
  • Ability to affect all stages of the insect lifecycle.
  • Antifeedant.
  • Insect Growth Regulator(IGR).
  • Insect Repellant.
  • Molting Disruptor.
  • Controls diseases through mycelial growth inhibition.
  • "NC" FRAC code fungicide, this means it has no know resistance making it an excellent tank-mix/rotation partner for your spray program.

Listed Pests & Diseases

Refer to Label for Full List*

Berries are Better with RANGO

Most Effective Organic Botrytis Treatment 2 years in Row (Cal Poly)

Integrate RANGO in your program to manage key pests such as aphids, lygus, thrips and mites and also control diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew.
  • Providing an effective solution for Organic growers.
  • Offering Conventional growers an efficacious IPM tool.
  • No Know Resistance making it an excellent rotation and tank mix partner in IPM programs for organic and conventional operations.
Link to Strawberry Data Sheet

All You Need in One Jug

RANGO is an effective rotation partner in IPM programs for Powdery Mildew Insect control
With multiple modes of action and no know resistance, RANGO offers superior protection from major pests and diseases. Partner with RANGO and discover all you need in One Jug.
  • Powdery Mildew Control in Apples (3 years in WA State).
  • Apple and Pear Scab Control.
  • Worm & Thrip control.
  • Pear Psylla control throughout its life cycle(Egg - Adult).
Link to Pome & Stone Field Data Booklet

No Worries NOW

RANGO - Your Hull Split Partner
RANGO's multiple modes of action provides the ability to manage and control Navel Orangeworm, Spider Mites and Peach Twig Borer, while simultaneously helping combat diseases.
  • RANGO program reduces Navel Orangeworm damage to below 1% in almonds.
  • Offering Organic Growers, the best choice for NOW.
  • Providing Conventional Growers an efficacious IPM tool.
  • Effectively reduces NOW damage & Larvae.
  • RANGO did not flare Mites.
  • Positive results as a stand-alone treatment.
  • Positive results with Group 28 & 18 insecticides.
Link to Almond Data Sheet


Top Tip For Thrips
RANGO has proven itself to be a effective Thrip management tool.
  • Offering Growers, an alternative to Spinosad.
  • Effectively reduces Thrip numbers and IYSV damage in onions.
  • Increased onion yields with RANGO treatments.
  • Positive results with Group 5 insecticides.
  • Positive results as a stand-alone treatment.
Link to Onion Thrip Data Sheet


An Effective Spinosad Rotational Partner
RANGO manages sucking and chewing insects* on contact or by ingestion and can kills eggs, larvae, and adult insects. With multiple modes of action RANGO has proven itself to excellent choice for worm control.

IRAC Group = Group UN, Compounds of unknown or uncertain MoA.
Link to RANGO & Spinosad Sheet

Downy & Powdery Mildew

Rebel Against Resistance
RANGO has demonstrated comparable efficacy to conventional solutions reducing downy and powdery mildew.

RANGO's FRAC code is "NC" - No Known Resistance providing growers a new tool to manage both disease and resistance.
Link to Leafy & Cole Data Sheet

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"RANGO was applied in tank-mix with a garlic oil & potassium oleate product. Pre application adult trip counts were averaging 21.5, post application count was 5.6. This was extremally more efficacious than other treatments, but more research is needed to guarantee efficacy over Entrust SC. RANGO is quickly showing it multi-purpose uses, which is a big thing in the organic world where we don’t have a “nuke” to reset things."
Jake Carson
Washington State
“We had an extensive flea beetle outbreak on our kale earlier in the summer. After three applications of RANGO about a week apart at a rate of 1.8%, the flea beetles were gone, and the kale looks great. It has definitely paid off.“
Greg Wilt
Sublime Organics- OR
“RANGO has proved to be a very useful and effective tank mix and a rotational option for pest and disease control at our organic blueberry farm.“ Harley used1.5% v/v of RANGO in Stanley Blueberries to control mildew and SWD.
Harley Soltes
Bow Hill Blueberries - WA
I applied RANGO at a rate of 1.8%v/v. After two applications RANGO has completely controlled russet mite and powdery mildew issues in the tomatoes with excellent new bloom and new meristem growth. RANGO also took care of melon aphid and PM in the cucumbers, as well as the two-spotted mite problems that were starting to show up in all the crops. RANGO performance was equal to or better than Debug Turbo, which I had been using prior to switching. RANGO has much better mixing qualities, making RANGO a much more cost effective tool for my pest management.
Philip Langston
SLO Grown Produce, Arroyo Grande, CA.
"Only RANGO was applied on organic bing cherries for mildew and I was pleased with the results. I plan to use RANGO again this year on a broader level.”
Mike Miller
Goosetail Orchard - WA
“We used the RANGO this May in brassica crops during peak cabbage root maggot flight. The product worked well in controlling flies as well as cleaning up some minor early aphids. I would definitely be interested in using RANGO again as part of our pest control program.”
Zach Wailand
Dharma Ridge Farm - WA
I adopted RANGO into my program to control a range of insects and diseases fort he season. We produced excellent yields and some of the best apple trees we've ever seen."
Mike Tabor
Licking Creek Bend Farm- PA
Applied RANGO at 1.8% to target juvenile flea beetle in eggplant and tomatoes. In the tomato field the results were immediate! Only one application was necessary to give the crop enough vigor to overcome pressure. In eggplant, a few applications were necessary, but it's now becoming apparent that the crop seems to have increased natural defenses, and doesn’t need anymore inputs. RANGO was unharmful to my equipment unlike most other neem based inputs.
Andy O'Brien
Surfside Farms - San Luis Obispo, CA

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