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Systematic Reasoning


Terramera is pioneering the transition to clean, sustainable agriculture with its integrated platform for high-efficacy biological formulation.

By leveraging an array of cutting-edge technologies, in all stages of biological product development, we are creating natural, tailor-made solutions faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Revolutionary Chemistry


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Breakthrough Biologicals

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Revolutionary Bio-Compounds

During 13 years of intense R&D, we have developed the array of proprietary technologies at the heart of our formulations.
  • Expertise in formulating botanical active ingredients, especially Neem oil with over 150 natural, high-potency bio-active compounds.
  • ExosectTM delivery technology enables increased stability, loading, and performance of biological actives.
  • ActigateTM targeting technology enhances availability of actives within target cells, boosting uptake and effectiveness by up to 10x.

ML-Powered Formulations

Machine learning engines help our scientists explore hundreds of potential formulation permutations. Trained on rich data sets, our models predict multi-molecule interactions to ensure all packaging, delivery and active ingredients complement each other effectively to overcome chemical, physical, and biological performance barriers.
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World-Class Prototyping

Our facilities have an unparalleled prototyping and experimentation capacity. Numerous variables are tested to ensure stability and compatibility with real-world mixtures, methodologies and environmental circumstances.
  • Automated systematic experimentation
  • Robotic growth chambers
  • High throughput screening
  • And more
Our ability to redefine challenges in new light, overcome obstacles, and produce biological products that outperform harmful synthetics has been proven across a wide array of crops and pests.


Data obtained from this work feeds a phenomics-based modeling and prediction system that correlates product efficacy and final yields with marked responses. The result is revolutionary, high-performance plant-based products for conventional and organic agriculture, professional, and home use. See our product lines.
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How can we use technology to unlock the power in nature so we can live healthier, make clean food affordable and feed the world?

We are a Sustainable Agriculture CleanTech Company developing safe and effective plant-based products, and replacements to conventional chemical pesticides & synthetic fertilizers.

Our Technology Platforms are a result of:

Cutting-Edge Science





Systematic Reasoning

 Our work is inspired by the power of nature to unlock the power in nature.

Terramera’s unique and proprietary Molecular Delivery System (MDS) technologies increase the efficacy of active ingredients by delivering them into target cells. The result is revolutionary, high-performance plant-based products for conventional and organic agriculture, professional, and home use.

Our team specializes in active ingredient delivery technology, drawing on complementary skills developed in the pharmaceutical industry. We have acquired the first EPA-registered source of cold-pressed neem, in order to ensure the quality of the neem used as the active ingredient in our initial products.

We are committed to cultivating safe, healthy homes and environments, and making organic food and sustainable farming more affordable, productive and abundant.

Terramera is employing advanced genomics and informatic technologies to shorten the product optimization cycle and enable the development of more products in parallel.

Data obtained from this work will feed a phenomics-based modelling and prediction system that correlates product efficacy and final yields with marked responses. The outcome will be new generations of safer, natural, highly effective products for sustainable farming and cleaner food production.

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Terramera is headquartered in Vancouver, BC which is located on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples. We thank their people who have been custodians of this land for thousands of years.
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